Unique Capabilities


At Moog, we consider ourselves unique in the motion control marketplace.  
Find out more by exploring the categories below.

  • Integrated Systems

    Moog has comprehensive systems capabilities and a proven reputation for designing, qualifying and delivering high-performance motion solutions for some of the world's most demanding applications.

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  • Building Blocks

    At the heart of our high-performance motion solutions are products. Moog expertise in the design, manufacture and integration of these core 'building blocks' is at work in a wide variety of applications

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  • Advanced Technologies

    Every day, in every part of the world, technological breakthroughs reshape how we work, travel, explore or provide medical care. And when they involve new possibilities and new directions in motion, Moog is there.

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  • High Performance &
    Extreme Environments

    From deep space to the darkest ocean
    depths, Moog high-performance motion
    solutions are the choice of engineers
    whose applications push machines to
    their limits.

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  • Engineering Excellence

    Around the world, talented, innovative engineers come to work at Moog each day with one mission: Create precision motion control solutions that take our customers to higher levels of performance.

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Every day an extraordinary group of people come together and devote their time and energy to building the best product of its type anywhere in the world and to delivering that product to the most demanding customers everywhere in the world. Those customers can be assured that the product bearing Moog’s name is the best that mankind can make and that it will be better next month and better next year.

- Bob Brady, Chairman